Blessthefall - 40 days

The song I was obsessed with when Simon was in Basic. Thinking of it again as we prepare for change.

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Anonymous said: When did your bf graduate BMT?

He graduated fall of 2012, so, a little less than 2 years ago. Is there a reason you ask? :)

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Everyone says that the first year of living together is the hardest.

Was this true with you, or no?

And how so?

I’d have to say I agree. I mean, the first few months were great! We were with one another again, finally, after months of being apart and we were putting our dreams into action.  We were buying stuff for our apartment, spending a lot of time with one another, seeing the new area that we were in…

But after awhile there were things that annoyed me about him and that annoyed him about me. Although I feel like we were pretty much living together when I was in Germany, we weren’t. We didn’t have bills or responsibilities, we didn’t do many things living together couples do, (although we did laundry together sometimes, this was rare.) we didn’t cook much together, we didn’t clean much together… It was simons place so simon did everything. and on weeknights I’d still go to my parents to sleep. Now that we really do live together I can list off a ton of things that we would fight tooth and nail about. Like how he talks to me in public, PDA (It annoys me when we’re around friends lol), how we split the chores, that he uses my tooth brush, that he leaves his ABU’s where ever he feels, me not doing all the house work, how we spend our money, bills, family, friends,… And small things about who we are as a person that would annoy us, and even the way the other one drove. We’d get really mean though about some things.

We still bicker, but now its just a minor annoyance and sometimes a head ache- they aren’t blood boiling, day ruining disputes anymore. Or at least, significantly less in frequency.  We really just brush it off at this point.  But it used to be like, “God damn, why am I still here?” at times, and then we’d make up and things would be awesome. Now I feel like we’ve really found our way on how to flow more peacefully with one another. Not as great as I’d like it to be, there is much improvement that needs to be done, but it’s way better than before.

How do you feel about it? What was the first year like to you?

I’m sure part of it had to do with me being young on my own for the first time, I had some pretty ungodly expectations at times lol.

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Soldier Shocks Family With Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise


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I don’t think seeing him in uniform will ever stop being a turn on.



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Congratulations! All his hard work paid off. He got BTZ!

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Date Night I guess lol

Me and Simon haven’t cooked together in a long ass time.
Right now he’s grilling steak and im in charge of the baked beans and the two artichokes we got :) (looove artichokes!)

Then he said he will give me a back rub since I had a bad week and we are going to take a bath in our tiny tiny bath tub lol

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Trying to find out ways to prepare for his deployment coming up. 

I’ve been applying for second jobs, and I asked for full time at the job I already have.

I find that on my downtime i’ve been just scrolling threw tumblr but not really doing anything productive so I need to change that too. I want to start getting into painting and other crafts, since I know I dont have many friends to hang out with all the time lol. I need to prepare myself to be alone again without letting myself sit at home not doing anything.

I’m not going to let myself sulk in his absence like I did for 8 months when he was in boot & tech school. That was probably one of the most poisonous things I did. It really effected me mentally and physically and I just don’t ever want to be like that again now that I have my mind back.   

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